Friday, February 27, 2015

33 weeks, 7 to go!

Wow.  7 to go (at most)...  Exciting and scary all at the same time :-)

Major events this week:

My weight ballooned.  I wrote last week that I figured I was due for a bit of a jump in weight gain since it had remained the same the past few weeks but this is a little ridiculous: 8 lbs. In one week.  Methinks that is not good since "rapid weight gain" is a sign of pre-e. I am definitely retaining water and my hands and feet are not so pretty these days but I don't have pitting or anything.  The protein level in my urine has remained the same over the last month (+3) and my blood pressure has slowly been rising and is officially into the high range now but it's nothing crazy yet so...I guess I'm good?
Luckily, my next OB appt is this coming Tuesday so I can ask the doc then if there's anything I should be worried about. I also asked my PAIF girls about their experiences with pre-e so I'm hoping I'll be able to get some more info and advice.

Yesterday I had the privilege of peeing myself while puking! It was pretty awesome.  AND Hubs was there to witness it because while I was hurling I started getting dizzy and seeing stars so I called him in to stay with me so that I wouldn't keel over and y'know, knock myself unconscious and choke on my own vomit or something. Instead, I peed myself. (My life is fun right now.)

Baby is moving less these days. Sometimes it freaks me out but logically I know it's just because there is less and less room in there for him to move.  I still feel him but not the way I did before. He's starting to get big and should be somewhere around 4.5 lbs! (Although the pregnancy app says 4.2 - 5.8 lbs. Yikes.)  I'm looking forward to having my belly measured during Tuesday's appt cuz, um, my belly is huge now:

Rolling over in bed is difficult. Putting on my socks/underwear/pants is difficult. Wiping myself after using the bathroom is difficult. (How do extremely obese people manage it?) And you don't even want to know how hairy I am below the waist these days. Poor hubby. (Not that there's been any sexy time going on around here... although I can't imagine why not since I spend my days waddling around the house in Hubs' over-sized shirts and the same 2 pairs of pajama pants while he watches me puke and pee at the same time.  I'm a babe!)

Nursery is mostly put together!! This past weekend Hubs and I did some serious work in there and I love it and am getting so excited :-)  I'll do an AW post soon with pics.

Also, my baby shower is this Sunday! I'm not supposed to know that but I'm glad I do so that I can mentally prepare.  I'm hoping we'll get a bunch of stuff from our registry so that I can get the nursery as complete as possible.  I also have my work shower on Wednesday (another thing I'm not supposed to know about). I am getting super uncomfortable these days but am still happy because this is really some of the best parts of pregnancy: showers, presents, nursery, washing and putting away little baby clothes... it's so exciting!

Finally, we have our baby classes starting this week. We decided to only do a few: Tomorrow is "Parenting your Newborn", Thursday is "Breastfeeding Success" and then next Saturday is the hospital tour of labor & delivery so we know where to go and what to expect. 

Things feel like they're moving quickly and slowly all at the same time!  Right now I am worried about pre-e so I'm closely monitoring those symptoms but besides that, things are good!

UPDATE (1pm Fri):  Based on the advice of some ladies who experienced pre-e, and reinforced by a caring reader, I did call my OB office earlier today to let them know about my symptoms. As it turns out they do want to get me in asap to be checked out so I'm going in later this afternoon. Hopefully it's nothing but better safe than sorry. I'll update the blog when I can - hopefully all is well.


  1. Chicken, could you do this stranger a favor and let your OB know about your symptoms, especially the decrease in fetal movement, today? I'm a BLM but also a neonatal nurse practitioner. In my experience, they would like to know. I'm a bit worried for you.

    1. Thanks for commenting and for your concern Cathy!! I did actually call my OB this morning to be safe and they asked me to come in this afternoon to get checked out. I didn't think to mention the change in fetal movement but while I'm there today I will bring that up as well. I'm hoping it will end up being nothing but I'll post an update when I have one.Thanks again! I really do appreciate it.

  2. Let us know what happens. 33 weekers should move plenty. Positive thoughts your way.

  3. Hoping your appointment went well and that everything is ok.

  4. So happy for you!! Glad to see you are doing well.

  5. I love that you have such a sense of humor about everything Chickin, I just wanted to say that you look adorable and I'm sending you tons of love and hope that everything went ok at your appointment. <3

  6. I know it's not supposed to be funny, but your bathroom story did make me giggle a bit. Very sexy indeed. But I am glad you have some fun events coming up next week to look forward to. I hope you have lots of fun and get everything you need. And hoping the weight gain isn't too big of an issue - glad to see you decided to get it checked out.

  7. I'm still able to occasionally (maybe every other week) shave my legs, but my lady bits? Yikes. Of course it doesn't help that I can't see anything, so I forget about it. I've shaved using a mirror a few times, but I still end up looking like a mangy, homeless cat. Our poor husbands who put up with all the glamor of pregnancy!