Friday, December 5, 2014

21 week check-in

How Far Along: 21 weeks. It feels good to write that :-)

Baby is the Size of a: Pomegranate (about 10.5 inches!)

Total Weight Change: +2.5 lbs

Showing Yet?: Uh, yeah.  I'm getting congratulated all over the place by people I haven't told.

Maternity Clothes?:  Yes indeed. I made the somewhat unsettling discovery yesterday that I now have ZERO non-maternity clothes that fit me. I may have cried a little at the fact that I have so few clothes available now, and that it seemed to just happen overnight! I'm going to have to go shopping again. And this time I need maternity undies too :-(

Stretch Marks?: No new ones

Sleep: Not awful. Some nights I have "pregsomnia" and am up for hours in the middle of the night but other nights are decent.  Seems to be every other night. I'll take it.

Symptoms: Hip pain and lower body soreness. My hips are widening and man, can I feel it.  In the mornings I have a hard time walking. Also, nausea is lessening!

Food Cravings: Glazed donuts. All day, every day. And eating one doesn't even stop the craving for that day.  I cannot believe how much I crave sugar. Besides that I eat soup almost every day for lunch. I'm already looking forward to beef & barley tomorrow.  Ooo, with a nice piece of bread and butter.... yum.  (I am finally at the stage where I like food again. I'm hungry.)

Miss Anything?: Nah. Although Hubs mentioned that for a work dinner earlier this week he took his clients to a great Sushi restaurant. It made me jealous for a second. Then I ate some beef stew and was happy again.

Mood: Good and quite level!

Best Moment of the Week: (1) My coworker friend who lost her 4 month old son told me she's currently 14 weeks pregnant :-) I am so so happy for them.  (2) I bought our baby boy his first clothes this week :-)  And they are so tiny and adorable I can't even deal with it. Yay Cyber Monday sales!

Footie pajamas and onesies! Ahh!
Upcoming Appointments: Not until the end of the month at 24 weeks as long as there are no issues between now and then. It's just a routine OB appt plus the dreaded glucose tolerance test (boooooo).

What I'm Looking Forward to: Starting to shop for nursery stuff soon. We can't actually change the spare room into a nursery until after Christmas because we will be having lots of family staying with us but all bets are off after the 1st of the year!  Nursery, here we come!

Randoms: For the last month I've been going to weekly therapy appointments and they have been helpful in giving me perspective and having a chance to talk through my loss and fear with this pregnancy. However, during yesterday's appt, both my therapist and I came to the conclusion that I have made great progress and really don't need to be coming so often. I don't know if it's because of starting to see her or because I have passed my last milestones (anatomy scans and passing 20weeks PG) but I am just in a really good head space right now. I am able to focus on the positives and look towards the future, and now feel I have the tools to pull myself out of any depressive feelings that will inevitably come along.  I'm really proud of myself and also happy that I started seeing this therapist since I feel like she's helped me. We don't officially have another time set up until the New Year (but I can contact her if I feel I need to see her sooner). I'm happy with that.



  1. Glad to read everything is going well. And that you are in a good place right now. The mental game can do a number on you, at least from my experience, and having the tools and ability to see past it can make all the difference.
    Also, I moved my blog to Wordpress. I like the privacy options better. same name just different platform. Not sure if I told you already or not. :)

    1. Thank you! I tried going to your old blog and it showed it was private! I'll switch over :-)

  2. Love your bump shot! I have that same onesie. Gotta love Target. ;)

  3. Yay 21 weeks!! and yay for baby's first clothes!!!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so well. You look amazing too! I can't believe you're almost to 24 weeks already!

    I think I bought the same little fox sleeper too. It's adorable :)

  5. I love the whole tone of this post, glad to hear you're doing so well Chickin! You look fantastic, lady! Lots of love to you and Rainbow <3

  6. Congrats on 21 weeks buying baby stuff! "pregsomnia" - I totally have it too, especially when hubby is at the FD. You are looking fabulous!

  7. Yay! I am so glad to hear everything is going well and that YOU are doing well! I love those little outfits! Too cute :)

  8. Glad everything is still going well. You look great! I love the outfits you got on Cyber Monday! So cute! Thinking of you and Rainbow often! <3