Friday, November 28, 2014

20 Weeks & Final Reveals!

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant - Half-Baked.  One day more pregnant than I have ever been.  And I have to say: It feels good :-)

I am happy and weepy and so thankful for where we are.  And I am just over the moon that I am feeling our little baby move now!  I have been waiting a looooong time for that - 2.5 years since we started TTC including 40 full weeks of pregnancies and I'm finally experiencing it. And it is amazing.  I love the reminders that my little guy is in there and is growing and is HEALTHY. I feel like he's saying hi to me every time I feel him move!  I just feel so grateful.

We revealed the pregnancy to all our family yesterday!  Hubs' parents are separated and both remarried so we had 2 sets of families to hit up (almost all of my family knows now due to my FL trip last week).

First we went to my FIL's and I didn't even get my coat off all the way before he said "Oh my God, I knew it - you're pregnant!!" Haha!  We don't see them very often and Hubs called out of the blue to ask if we could swing by to say happy Thanksgiving before going over to my MIL's which is not what we normally do so it seems we made them suspicious :-)  FIL and stepmom were so happy for us and couldn't hide the fact that they were thrilled it was a boy since he will carry on the family name. Hubs has 2 younger brothers in their early-mid twenties on that side and after FIL relayed the news to them yesterday they posted on Facebook about how excited they are that they'll be uncles to a baby boy in April!  I think that is very cute that they are excited enough to post about it :-)

Then we went to my MIL's and pulled the same routine we had with my parents:  I walked into the living room full of people with my coat still on and gave everyone hugs and hellos. Then Hubs addressed his mom and said "I hope you don't mind that we brought someone else with us" and I took off my coat. Everyone's jaws just dropped, hahaha!  My MIL just kept repeating "Oh my God, Oh my God, is this for real? Are you serious?" while starting to cry. And then: "Holy crap, how far along ARE you?!"  When I said "5 months! Halfway through"  I just heard a chorus of "Oh my God" and "No way" all around me. LOL!  I looked around and pretty much everyone was just staring at us in shock. It was hilarious.  They eventually got their acts together and there were hugs and congratulations and excitement all around. They were all just so so happy for us and were floored when we told them that it was without IF treatments this time.  One of my SILs wasn't there at that point and she came in a little while later after the excitement had died down. She was a flurry of activity when she arrived, giving hugs (to me and everyone) and bustling around with appetizers and wine opening while everyone just stared at her waiting for her to notice my belly. Eventually she realized everyone was being weird and my MIL said "uhhh...notice anything different?" while motioning to me and she looked at me then and dropped the box of crackers she was holding all over the floor while shrieking and running over to me with tears pouring down her face. It was adorable and made me cry too. She is just the sweetest and was really there for us when we lost Petey so she knows how amazing this is for us and was absolutely overjoyed.

We also revealed to them that it's a boy with the same present we had given my parents (a picture frame that read "Tiny Miracle" with an ultrasound pic and our baby sporting a blue bow tie. Everyone was so happy and then spent the rest of day coming up with the most ridiculous names for our child, haha! I think the current frontrunner is Sherman because they got a kick out of calling the baby Shermy.  LOL!!! Oh man, I hope that dies down soon. My BIL patted my belly on our way out and said "Bye little Shermy!"  Hahahaha!

All in all it was very fun and exciting and I'm feeling so good about this pregnancy. I even bought my baby's first clothes today with some awesome Black Friday deals :-)

Also I just have to say thatThanksgiving dinner was DELICIOUS. I am so glad I am reaching the point in this pregnancy where food is yummy because I enjoyed every single smackerel yesterday :-)  Lucky for me it's lunchtime now so: time for leftovers!!


  1. I am squeeing and happy dancing over here!!! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for this!! I'm so happy you shared your exciting news and honestly it is so amazing to hear you so happy and optimistic. Love you lady <3

  2. That sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving day!! So happy you were able to enjoy the food too!

  3. I love this post and I love YOU!!! You deserve this joy :) Savor the moment! How wonderful!!!

  4. Aww that all sounds so awesome! I am just so happy for you, my heart is all warm & fuzzy! ;)

  5. Glad you had a good holiday and good times with family.

  6. So many smiles while reading this! Love this post!

  7. I love everyone's reactions and am so happy everything is going well!

  8. I hope you relish every moment. Every kick, every cheesy baby nickname. And WURK those maternity pants during holiday meals! Your happiness radiates in this post. <3

  9. Ok I just had a eureka moment when looking at your username...I always read it as Chicken NH instead of Chick In NH. Like I thought you were up in NH raising chickens or something :) Mind.Blown.

    1. BAAAAHAHAHA!!! Point: you! I think most people read it as Chicken NH but nope, I'm the only chicken up here! I like that people call me Chicken (or Chickie) though, I think it's cute. My husband actually calls me Chicken. (Not sure how that started.)