Thursday, November 27, 2014

1 Year Ago / 8 Mos Ago / Today

1 year ago: Drove down to Boston in the early morning. Sick as a dog due to OHSS. Scared and nervous and excited for our 5 day transfer.
8 months ago/On this exact day during my last pregnancy (19w6d): Drove down to Boston in the early morning.  Sick to my stomach with grief and fear and sadness as I steeled myself for surgery.
Today: Drove down to Boston in the late morning.  Sick to my stomach with morning sickness.  Excited and happy to reveal the wonderful news of our rainbow pregnancy to our family.

1 year ago: Shared with those closest to us that we were able to transfer one beautiful blastocyst and asked for prayers and positive vibes that the IVF would work.
8 mos ago: Shared with those closest to us that we had to say goodbye to our much loved and wanted baby and asked them to help care for us physically and emotionally while we were so broken.
Today: Shared with those closest to us that we are 5 months pregnant with our sweet rainbow and celebrated in their excitement and happiness and love.

1 year ago: Thankful and happy that at long last I was finally PUPO.
8 mos ago: Thankful and relieved that I never felt any movement from Petey by the time we had to say goodbye.
Today: Thankful and elated that I finally felt my healthy baby boy move inside me for the very first time :'-)

It's been a tough road. But I am thankful for where we are now and I pray that in April we will be welcoming our new baby boy into our lives. <3


  1. You felt baby boy move! Such a wonderful thing to be thankful for! You have been through so much- I am so glad all the "todays" are happy ones!

  2. Love you more than words can adequately express, Chickin. Love to Petey and to your Rainbow too <3

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes for both sadness and happiness. So glad that all of the today's were happy.

  4. How wonderful that you felt baby boy move! What a great milestone. Hugs to you as you go through your pregnancy with your new little one and still mother Petey.

  5. And I'm crying and I have chills. Hugs to you and Rainbow and Petey and so much love.