Monday, November 24, 2014

Anatomy Scan 2.0!

Today's scan went well! As you may know, we had an early anatomy scan during week 17 but at that point the doc wasn't able to see everything in the heart so today we had Part 2 to confirm everything was good there. And it is :-) Baby boy's heart looks perfect, the choroid plexus cysts in his brain are disappearing, and he's measuring right on schedule!  Yay! 
Unfortunately, we did confirm today that our baby only has 1 kidney. But in the broad scheme of things, that is totally fine. Plenty of people live normal lives with only 1 kidney - maybe our son will just play golf instead of football.  The good news is that the one kidney looks to be strong. I am just so so RELIEVED.

Today is the first day I actually thought to myself (and then said out loud): Holy crap - WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY.  

We are going to have a baby. A little boy.  A little healthy baby boy.  And we're going to get to bring him home. And we're finally going to be a family :'-)  

It's hard for me to feel confident in saying and thinking these things but overall I am just so happy. I'm finally feeling good and positive and hopeful and happy and excited.  I'm finally focusing on my rainbow now and not just on my loss and sadness. I am so thankful.

Today's the first time I got to see 3D ultrasound pics.  Baby boy had his hand/arm up in front of his face almost the whole time so this is the best they could do but I love it. Seeing him this way makes it feel more real. He's no longer just an outline, he's a baby.  OUR baby. And I am so in love with him.  He has Hubs' nose. I cannot wait to kiss it.

Also, I realized it's been a couple weeks since I posted a bump pic, so here ya go (from a few days ago):

As you can see I definitely popped over the last few weeks.  No doubt anymore that I am pregnant. So this past weekend I decided to just go with it and took myself on a little maternity clothes shopping spree :-)  This is the first time I've actually worn maternity shirts and people are right: they make the bump look much cuter! I'm so happy to now have clothes that both fit and are comfy!

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday to all my fellow American friends!  I plan to wear my roomiest maternity pants so I can EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!   We will be revealing the pregnancy to all my in-laws this day too so it should be exciting :-)

Besides that, Thursday will also be 19 weeks 6 days for me which is the exact day we said goodbye to Petey back in March :-(  I'm glad I'll have Thanksgiving to help distract me from that milestone.  It is the last milestone.  I'm ready for it.

And last but CERTAINLY not least:  My wonderful friend Cici, who has supported me and SO many others through IF, found out today SHE IS PREGNANT.  I cannot even generate cohesive words to express how unbelievably HAPPY this makes me. Just happy tears leaking out all day today... Cici - I love you!!! Congratulations my dear. No one could deserve this more.  :'-)  <3


  1. Glad to hear things are continuing to go well.

  2. This is so great to hear! So happy baby boy is doing well, and his mom too! Now hold on Cici? Running Cici?!? Holy moly that is amazing!!!

    1. Yes! THAT Cici! At loooooong last :-D :-D

  3. Tearing up reading, "We are going to have a baby. A healthy baby boy" I cannot tell you how unbelievably happy those sentences make me to read :) I' am so happy that A/S 2.0 went well and that baby boy's heart looks good! Between this and Cici's news, I am seriously a happy and emotional mess over here!! Love you, Chickin and Rainbow. You WILL bring home your healthy baby boy and you WILL be a family. And I can't wait to stalk you through it all <3

  4. Eeeeeeep, he's so cute!!!! So happy for you and baby is doing so great!!!!

    Plus , a totally different scenario in how she came to only have one, but my Mom has only had one kidney better part of a decade and all is well with just having the one!

  5. Look at that cute little face!! So happy everything looks good and baby boy is healthy.

    We didn't know I only had one kidney until last year and I've never had any health problems related to it. I've found it's surprisingly common. Baby boy is going to be just fine :)

  6. I am so excited and happy for you! You are having a baby!! I love your bump pic! You look awesome and so does the picture of the little one!

    I like your Thanksgiving day eating plan! Eat all things!

  7. I just want to squeeze his little cheeks! So adorable. I know a couple of people who had babies born with one kidney and their kids are doing great! So excited for you :)

  8. I was also tearing up while reading! I am so happy for you! So happy that everything is going well and that your baby boy is healthy. And you look fantastic momma! I am overjoyed for you!

  9. I love this post so hard!!!

  10. I am so insanely happy for you Chickin!! This is so amazing & my heart is so happy that you can finally relax & embrace thinking of your little rainbow coming home! :D