Friday, December 19, 2014


23 weeks. My baby is the size of a grapefruit!

He can hear me now so I should probably stop swearing soon.  Also, he can hear the dog barking! I find that really endearing for some reason and it makes me less annoyed when the pup won't shut up.

ONE WEEK TILL VIABILITY!!!  Granted, "viability" means that if something happens and I have to deliver there's still only a 50/50 chance of survival so a lot of women don't put too much stock in V-Day but y'know what? I do.  After already losing one baby this is a BIG EFFING DEAL to me and I can't wait to reach that milestone. I feel like once I hit 24 weeks every subsequent week is going to feel like an accomplishment and bring me that much closer to bringing home a healthy baby :-)

Here's my 23 week bump!:

It seems to morph. Sometimes it's really full and rounded but this week is more pointy. Not to be gross (but I'm gonna) but I think it has to do with how recently I've pooped. Constipation is my middle name lately. Or, y'know, diarrhea.  Feast or famine around here folks!

I still am not gaining weight though.  ::Sigh:: Whatever. I am eating what I can so I don't know what else I can do. I suspect that soon enough I won't be able to slow the scale down (right?) so no use worrying about it anymore.  My next appt is on Jan 6 at just under 26 weeks so I assume they'll start measuring fundal height and all that. I guess I'll see then if things are on track or not. My belly FEELS big though!  I certainly can't lay on my back anymore because it's too uncomfortable and cuts off circulation, and when reclining or laying on my side my ute feels so big and firm and full to the touch soooo... we'll see.

Awesomeness of the week: I think I've finally figured out my headache situation!! It's been a tough couple of weeks with that but I do believe I've narrowed it down to vision changes from pregnancy!  I've started wearing my glasses now whenever I'm on the computer, my phone, driving or watching TV and it has really been helping.  Unfortunately for my work life, if I'm on the computer too much during the day I still end up getting a headache even with the glasses so this has increased the amount (and length) of breaks I'm taking. Oh well.  And I really do have to keep it in check because if I start forming a headache it's all over. There is nothing I can do to make it go away and then I'm useless and miserable all the rest of the day and night. I'm so so relieved though that I think I figured it out!  Aaaaaand that I don't think it's blood pressure or blood sugar related! Hooray! Bring on the Christmas cookies!

Annoyance of the week: Yesterday my FIL posted a comment on my facebook page about how "soon enough the dog will be sleeping under little Jack's crib and they'll be inseparable" and some other crap about my pregnancy.  Note that I have not made our pregnancy public on FB. (Oh, and we have not decided on the name Jack!  WTF?!) I could have killed him.  LUCKILY, I just happened to check FB a couple mins after he posted it, thank GOD, and I deleted it.  (It was pure dumb luck that I logged on at the end of the day before I left work though. Normally I don't and I would have gone to dinner and then driven home and it likely would have been up there for about 4 hrs. Ugh.)  I have no idea how many people saw it but only 2 "liked" it by the time I deleted it - one was a coworker who already knows I'm PG since she's not blind, and another was someone I went to high school with and never talk to. Sooo, hopefully no damage done.  But seriously?!!  SO clueless.  My blood pressure probably shot up 30 points when I saw that. Oy.


  1. One more week to v-day! WAHOO! You are right - it is SUCH a big deal! I will continue praying for you and baby and hope that you have a happy and healthy 9 months. And FB - ugh - I feel like it can cause so many problems. I would have been angry too!

  2. So glad you figured out your headaches! And Hooray for being so close to V-day!

    Sorry your FIL posted that on FB - some people get so excited and just don't think!

  3. I'm glad you found my blog - I've been stalking you a little too! We just finally posted something on Facebook (our Christmas card), but a few clueless relatives had posted a few things before that mentioned it. I didn't do anything (they were ILs), and since they didn't tag me I let it go. But I wasn't happy. Congrats on 23 weeks!

  4. One more week until V-day!! I am so excited for you (although I hope baby boy keeps cooking for another 16 weeks or so after that!),

    Sorry that was posted on FB. Sometimes social media sucks. But at least you caught it quickly!

  5. VDay is a big milestone and I'm
    So excited you're so close now!! Your bump is adorable and I'm so glad the glasses are helping with the headaches! Sorry about your FIL I'd be pissed, glad you could delete it quickly though. Sending love to you and Rainbow always <3

  6. Oh shit, we're supposed to stop swearing?! Fuck.

    You look so amazing!! I missed your last post, but I love your nursery decorations so far - it's going to be beautiful!! HURRAY for V-day!! It's almost here!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas!!! xoxox <3

  7. Yay! You're so close to V-Day! That's a huge milestone - congrats!! I'm glad your headaches seem to be better (or at least somewhat manageable) too.

    Don't worry - you don't need to stop swearing until the baby is old enough to start repeating you. That's the official rule. Also, my weight gain was so slow in the beginning and then I had no problem gaining since the end of middle/end of second. I'm sure "Little Jack" is getting everything he needs!

    In-laws should not be allowed on FB.