Monday, December 29, 2014


So....I'm exhausted!

I had family staying with us all this past week and finally got rid of them said goodbye to them yesterday.  I spent the rest of the day with my feet up, watching football, and willing my house to magically clean itself. Now, I am back to work already and am tired and completely overwhelmed with everything I have to do so what am I doing instead? Writing a blog post, of course!

Here's this week's bump!

I am feeling...large. Baby boy is the size of a canteloupe which seems big and heavy to me.  
I am having some troubles rolling over in bed these days and my pillow nest is just not doing it for me anymore so I'm sleeping like crap. My hips are killing me when I lay on my sides (which is the only way I can lay) so to try to alleviate that pain I sit in the recliner but when I do that, the weight of my stomach makes it hard to breathe so there are literally NO comfy positions for me right now. Baby also seems to be laying in a way that keeps cutting off circulation to my right leg so I'll get up and then have to catch myself as my leg gives out.  Isn't all of this a little early to be happening?  I hate to say it but I am sort of already in count-down mode 'til April.

Apparently this is a whiny check-in post today. Sorry.

I also kept getting annoyed with people at Christmas.  All the women wanted to talk about was breastfeeding and how it's best for the baby (yes, I know, I plan to do it) and how it's sooooo easy (ummm, based on what I know from other new moms it does not seem like it is ALWAYS easy for everyone - particularly for women like ME with PCOS so please stop putting that pressure on me), and bugging me about what we're going to name him (we don't KNOW yet so STFU!), and my sister kept poking at my belly and asked me to lift up my shirt in front of everyone so she could see my belly button (which is still an innie BTW so nothing to see here except my stretch marks)... Gah! Maybe I was just bitchy and tired (oh, and also the only sober one there) but I was just very annoyed the whole time. And then my aunt made a comment about how this is the "best year ever!!" since I'm 6 months pregnant and oh isn't everything so fucking wonderful. I had to REALLY bite my tongue to not go off on her about how this has actually been the WORST year of my life and though I'm very grateful to be PG, we SHOULD actually have a 4 month old with us right now. Grrrrrr.....

Aaaaanyway, I'm glad that lovely holiday is over.  
Sorry for all the bitching.

On the bright side, I am so so happy to say that I reached VIABILITY!!! That feels good :-)  
And I've started to gain weight now and have my next routine prenatal appt with MFM next Tues 1/6 (where I'll also be doing the 1 hr glucose screening).  FX for a good fundal measurement and no GD!!


  1. Yay for Vday, woohoo!!!!! I'm also in a countdown to April (technically end of March) as well for similar issues. Do you have a support belt? I just ordered one and its supposed to be amazing so I'm hopeful its all its cracked up to be :)

    1. I haven't looked into a support belt (yet). Let me know how yours does for you!

  2. Starting with the best part - yay for reaching V Day!!!! That's so awesome, it's such a great milestone to make it to! I'm sorry about the insensitive family comments, I can't imagine how you managed to bite your tongue. Sorry about the hip pain, I really hope it eases up soon. <3

  3. Girl, I feel you. It's hard not to complain about things but sometimes people get TOO giddy and happy and with PGAL brain and still grieving from our losses, its hard to get on board and quite frankly kind of annoying. But anyway - congrats on reaching V Day! FX for your appointment on 1/6 (coincidentally my birthday!)

  4. Congrats for viability!!!! So sorry that you were surrounded by people that were being insensitive. I think sometimes people just don't think before they speak.

  5. Yay for blog writing and Viability! Wooohoo such a great milestone and you look awesome even though you are feeling "large"!

    And yay for going back to normal life without annoying relatives!

  6. Awesome! Happy New Year! Hugs to you!!

  7. I've never been so happy for anyone to reach v-day before! Even though I hope baby boy stays in there for another 16 weeks or so.

    I'm sorry your family was so insensitive, I eould have TPed your aunt.