Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NT Scan: Done!

Fair warning, I'm exhausted from work and so this post is probably gonna be a lot of unstructured blabbing. Enjoy.

So we had our NT scan on Tuesday morning and as far as I know everything looks fine. The NT measurement was 2.2mm (they worry if it's over 3.5mm) so that's good and baby was moving around and measuring a few days ahead at 13weeks.  


I also had blood drawn for the first trimester screening and was hoping to hear results today but am still waiting.  I really wish they'd get on that. The fact that I haven't received a call though is likely a good thing.

As I expected the whole appointment was a little tough.  It was hard seeing Erica (the genetic counselor) again and unfortunately, Hubs and I had our meeting with her before MFM did the ultrasound so it did not help our nerves to hear all about our increased risk for neural tube defects, downs syndrome and other chromosomal issues and then have to go back out into the waiting room for another 25 mins before they brought us in for the scan.  Hubs was really emotional during the U/S and had a hard time with the fact that we were in the exact same exam room with the same sonographer as the time when we found out about Petey's problems.  Honestly the whole thing kind of sucked and I'm glad it's over. I'm just trying to feel grateful that so far it looks like everything was alright during yesterday's U/S and am trying not to think about the other parts.

Due to our history they are able to offer the anatomy scan to us early at 17weeks so that's good. It is scheduled for Thursday Nov 6th. One month to wait.  As long as everything goes well between now and then (no bleeding, scares, etc.) that will be the next time we see this little baby. They won't be able to get all measurements that early so I'll need to go back for A/S 2.0 a couple weeks later but I don't mind at all. I would much rather have the A/S as early as possible so I can hopefully set my mind at ease a little bit.  I really am just waiting for that scan so that I can finally breathe. 

Besides that, we don't plan to do any additional testing. We talked extensively with Erica about our testing options but doing the NT scan, first trimester screening, an early A/S and then a follow up A/S will yield us everything we need to know and with the best timing.  If they find any specific issues then an amniocentesis or CVS might be in my future but for now we'll just wait and see. I did have the option to have a blood test just for neural tube defects at about 15 weeks but if we do that and I test positive they won't be able to move the ultrasound up any sooner than 17 weeks so we would be in absolute hell for 2 weeks. I opted out of that one in order to save my sanity.

So anywho, now we just wait to see if my B/W will come back okay and then we just keep our fingers crossed until Nov 6th (17weeks).  Between now and then I'll also be meeting with the nutritionist and having another routine prenatal check up with the high risk OB.

Just counting the days as the weeks add up! C'mon 17!


  1. I'm so happy to hear that the scan went well!! I hope the next four weeks go super duper fast so you can set your mind at ease. Sending my love as always. <3 <3

  2. Happy to hear that the u/s went well, despite the emotional flashbacks.

  3. I'm sorry the process was so painful for you and S, but so incredibly happy things are looking good so far!! Can't wait to hear the (hopefully) good news from the rest of your tests and your A/S in a few weeks!

  4. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that must have been to be at the same location, with the same people but am so, so, so, happy to hear that everything looks good thus far! <3 You'll be in my thoughts and prayers for the next four weeks, hopefully time flies! :)

  5. So happy that the scan went well, I think that your baby looks adorable already :). I am sorry that the scan was tough - I wish that all of your experiences with this new baby weren't so scary for you. I will be thinking and praying about you guys and marking Nov 6th on my calendar!

  6. Oh gosh you had the same room/tech too? That sure doesn't help the anxiety level but I'm glad everything is looking good!! We opted out of the 15 week bloodwork too...since the MFM is becoming my new BFF and all , LOL

  7. OOO... the dreaded deja vu... it makes things so hard. The first time I had an OB ultrasound with Baby C, I almost panicked. But glad everything is going well so far. Good luck with the bloodwork, and FX that all comes back with reassuring results so you won't need additional testing. XOXOXO