Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 13 & NT Scan 2.0 (Pics!)

Today is 13 weeks and I've officially entered the second trimester!!
We had NT scan 2.0 today and it went great. I drank some OJ on the way there and our little Petey Nugget was dancing and be-bopping around :-)  S/he was still not really in the mood to cooperate but eventually got into the proper position needed for measurements. 

Without further ado, say hello to my little friend! (S/he's waving - that's the hand above the chin)

I can't believe how much I love this little baby already and s/he's only the size of a peach! It was so great to see our little nugget moving around again today and the heartbeat was still healthy. I'm so relieved about that and I'm happy we were able to get the NT scan completed in time!
So that's what my insides currently look like, now here's what my outsides look like:

Weight gain: +1.5

I'm not sure if it's evident in the pic but I'm starting to look slightly more pregnant now versus just fat.  I also got a comment from a (female) coworker the other day about the size of my breasts. (I am learning that tact is apparently not a strong suit amongst my colleagues. I sense much unwanted belly-touching in my future...)

In other news; the last couple days have brought slightly less nausea and exhaustion and a lot less puking!  I cannot express what a relief that has been and I hope it's a trend!  I've also been having small bouts of dizziness here and there now (especially if I do too much or get up too quickly) but sitting down and breathing deeply for a sec makes it pass just fine. Apparently that's normal since so much blood is going to the baby/uterus that there's less in my head. (No wonder why I'm kind of a dingbat lately).

Not too much on the horizon medically; I have another appt with my midwife scheduled for the 18th and then the second part of this integrated genetic screening (just bloodwork) will be March 4th.  It's been a big change to go from having soooooo many appointments with the RE every cycle to only having 1 or 2 per month. I am enjoying being considered a "normal pregnant woman"!


  1. OMG, there's really a baby in there - that looks like a baby and all!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!! Ugh for nosy/touchy/unfiltered coworkers though. Yay for less nausea, I hope that continues!!! Sending lots of love to you and Pete! <3

  2. So exciting! You and baby are looking great! Glad you're starting to feel better, hope that continues to improve and you're able to ward off all the belly touching.

  3. I love this post!!! What a cutie your little Petey Nugget is!!!

  4. Looks like things are moving along perfectly...and you definitely have an actual bump now. Yay for less throwing up :)

  5. What a cute little baby you have in there!

  6. AHHH!!! Looka Petey! So glad to hear the scan went well! Your bump is adorable!

  7. Yay - congrats on a great scan! I love both pictures. I'm so glad to hear that you're starting to feel better <3

  8. Yay! Glad the NT went well! Love the pics and your growing bump :)