Saturday, February 1, 2014

Week 12

This is my very last week in the first trimester!!! How did that happen?!

Here's this week's bump pic!

Baby is now the size of a plum!

Weight: I've gained about a pound so I am now at what my starting weight should have been.  Funny, since NONE of my pants fit anymore. I'm now exclusively in maternity pants (and my comfy PJ/yoga pants of course). I also went through my closet earlier this week to weed out any tops that won't be fitting me much longer since they're not stretchy/large/long enough which left me with a pitiful amount of clothes. I will definitely have to do some shopping in the coming weeks.

Get in ma belly!
Cravings: I'd been wanting a thick chocolate milk shake for the past couple weeks but was pushing it off hoping the craving would go away. It stuck around though so I finally had one this past week and it was amaaaazing. Besides that, I'm still loving cooked carrots and red meat - particularly burgers which is ironic because pre-pregnancy I was not a burger fan. I was talking with my sister about that the other day and for some reason I said: "Baby wants a buuuurger" in Fat Bastard voice and unfortunately it has stuck. So now not only is this poor kid nicknamed Petri Dish Pete but I'm also thinking of him as Fat Bastard.  God forbid if this baby is a girl...

Symptoms: EXHAUSTION. I thought I was tired before but it reached a whole new level this week. Also, my old buddies N&P (nausea & puking) are still hanging in there but seem to be letting up a bit, thankfully. Yesterday was bad but I've been having more good days than bad lately (though still not enough to stray too far from an emergency puke bucket just in case).

Finally, I've officially started telling people at work that I'm pregnant.  I can see them glance at my stomach while we talk but pretend they are not (some more successfully than others). I've been spilling the beans to the coworkers I'm close with and leaving the rest wondering, haha!  I haven't really figured out how to handle everyone else yet. Maybe I just won't do anything at all and see how big I get before people can't keep themselves from asking...I'm mean like that.

NT scan/ultrasound on Tuesday! Can't wait!!


  1. Wow almost second trimester, crazy!!

    People will stare at your belly the whole pregnancy! I thought it was funny when I would catch people looking at mine! They like to see it grow!

  2. I can't believe you're almost done first tri! Sending so much love to you and Pete!!! <3

  3. Yay - love the pic! Good luck tomorrow!!

  4. Congratulations! Just checking out your blog from your Northeast bloggers application! Except a welcome email from me soon! :)

    1. Oh goody, thanks Rachel! I'm excited to be part of the group!