Saturday, January 4, 2014


I think the title speaks for itself. Puking is my new hobby now. And when I'm not actually throwing up, I am gagging and dry heaving for no reason and with no advanced warning.

I am legit afraid to go back to work because I'm sure there will be plenty of instances of me abruptly running out of meetings to go scare/disgust people in the bathroom with my heaving. (I am not a dainty puker.) I also don't know how I'm going to explain any of this to my coworkers...

Besides puking, I also enjoy:  constipation; having to catch my breath after climbing a single flight of stairs; crying at the drop of a hat; craving something so intensely I MUST have it, taking one bite and then having to push it away immediately before I gag; and long walks on the beach. 

Multiple people on my birth month board said that their symptoms seemed to change right around 9 weeks - some for the better and others definitely for the worse. I guess we'll have to see what next week brings!

Also, I am still sick with this head cold. This is getting old. It's actually starting to concern me now though, as the sore throat has morphed into ear pain so I'm worried they may be infected. I also have not slept for longer than 20 minutes at a time (due to coughing and oftentimes subsequent puking from the coughing) for a full week now so I am a complete zombie. I'm planning to go to the doctor on Monday to see what can be done as the "meds" I'm currently allowed to take are not doing shit and it's likely I may need antibiotics at this point. My body just seems incapable of fighting this on it's own right now (likely because it is simultaneously creating a person).

Me tired.

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  1. Oh Chickin that sounds awful, I'm so sorry you're feeling so terrible! I hope the doctor can give you something to help. Sending good healing thoughts your way!!! Love ya <3