Friday, January 24, 2014

11 weeks! (Complete with first bump pic!)

11 weeks today! That's really exciting to me for some reason.  I honestly wasn't convinced I'd ever make it this far so it feels so good to be chugging along from week to week while the baby continues to grow :-)  Our little nugget is currently the size of a LIME(!) which seems really big to me.  I am definitely forming a bump and promised I'd start posting pictures so here we go with faceless bump pic #1!

My stomach is already looking pretty darn large and I know that a lot most of this is still bloat but my weight is holding steady at 1 lb below pre-pregnancy weight so it's interesting that I'm already so round.

As for symptoms, I unfortunately broke my no-puke streak the other day and am still getting sick at least once a day - usually between 3-5 AM which means I'm awake most nights between 3 and 6 AM and I end up a pukey zombie during the days.  Some days are better than others though so I really appreciate the good ones and try to get more done; like taking a shower and possibly loading the dishwasher - that's about the extent of my capabilities right now. Hubs is picking up a LOT of slack with zero complaints and I love him dearly for it.

Some good news: I'm finally down to single numbers of my Crinone applicators so I'm thrilled that I'll be finished with that disgustingness soon!  Hoorah!

Also, my next ultrasound (for the NT screening) has been scheduled for Tues, Feb 4th!  Only a week and half until we get to see our little nugget again!  I seriously can't wait to see it looking like an actual baby.

Finally, a lot of the girls on my BMB have talked about what a hard time they've been having dealing with the pregnancy hormones.  I've barely been having any issues with that and have actually been pretty even-keeled this whole time which I credit entirely to going through IF. The last year and a half spent pumping myself full of crazy-making fertility meds and hormones has equipped my body well to deal with pregnancy hormones. After making it through all the horrible med-induced rages, depression, feelings of hopelessness, and never-ending IF rollercoaster, these hormones feel like a friggin' walk in the park right now.


  1. Love <3 I hope you can return to your puke-free streak soon! So excited for your next u/s, I wanna see Pete!!!!

  2. Yay! Lookin' good Chickin :) I can't wait until the 4th!

  3. Yay for your first bump pic! Sorry you broke your puking streak :(

    Hooray for getting towards the end of Crinone - I hated that stuff!

    I totally hear you on feeling more normal now without the IF drugs - I felt the same way!

  4. Not only are we EDD twins, we are appointment twins too! We'll get to hear the baby on the doppler on the 4th!

    You are looking great! I hope your done puking for good soon!!

  5. I love your bump shot :) It could only be better if we could see your pretty face! I'm sorry to hear that you're still getting sick. You are a serious trooper! And I am so encouraged to hear that pregnancy hormones are less volatile than IF hormones! (((((hugs)))))