Monday, January 20, 2014

Bra Shopping

I went bra shopping today for the first time since getting pregnant. It was a horror show.  I do NOT recognize my chest anymore and couldn't find anything that fit and was even slightly comfortable. Either the cups fit and the band was too small or the band fit and the cups were too big. Oh and fun fact: apparently boobs don't always grow at the same speed!  One of mine is a D right now and the other is a C, soooo that's fun. I have been living in sports bras for the past few weeks but I need at least ONE normal bra to wear under my work clothes so it looks like I'll be doing some more bra shopping in the near future. I am dreading it.  
I was successful though in getting some maternity pants!  Black work pants, grey ones and a pair of jeans!  Can't wait to finally be comfy!

On a similar note, I think I'm now starting to look pregnant.  I've always had a little belly roll that could be sucked in or hidden by standing up straight but now I have a...pooch above my pubic bone too that I cannot hide. It's strange. I know it's still just bloat at this stage but it's different from regular bloat. It's not like I'm just getting fat either since I've actually lost 8 pounds (technically a lot of that was IVF/OHSS weight though so I'm only about a pound below my real starting weight). I may start taking bump pictures once a week so I can look back on how my belly has grown :-) I can't wait for it to turn into a legitimate bump so I can stop feeling like such a poser! (I actually felt sort of sheepish going into Motherhood Maternity today!)  It's a very weird feeling not really recognizing or knowing how to dress your own body. And I'm only 10 (and a half) weeks in!  The next 30 weeks should be interesting.

Hey hey - I'm already a quarter of the way through this pregnancy!!


  1. ahh the first pair of maternity pants! blissful! man, I love these things!

    1. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow!

  2. I can't wait to see bump pics!!!

  3. I totally caved and bought my first maternity pants as well, and I'm only 6w5d! I just can't fit the bloat in any work pants either, and damn are those maternity pants cozy.

  4. So excited to see bump pics! I can't tell you how many times I have looked back through mine to see when I "really" looked pregnant! It sure took a while for me to go from bloat to bump!

    Don't worry about feeling weird going into the maternity stores - everyone started out where you are now! It is hard not go get bump envy though, I went through that my WHOLE pregnancy!