Tuesday, May 21, 2013


DAMN, I've been crying a lot lately.  I would say my face has been blotchy and puffed up more often than not over the majority of the last 4 days.   

Overwhelmed and/or frustrated with work?  Cry.  
National Anthem being sung at the start of the Bruins game? Cry. 
Hubby says something unexpectedly sweet and thoughtful? Cry. 
Reading another bumpie's IF blog? Serious waterworks. 
News coverage of the tornado in Oklahoma?  SOBBING. 

Hubs has started to just ignore me now and I can't say I blame him. Every time he turns around I'm crying again - and usually for NO reason. Today I made a special out-of-the-way trip to Wendy's because I was totally craving a chicken apple pecan salad and when they told me they were out of salads I damn near lost it again.  This is getting ridiculous. I'm kind of worried to go back into the office again this week for fear of making a huge ass of myself.

It wouldn't be so bad if I looked like this when I cry:

Unfortunately, I'm like the Claire Danes of crying:

Claire Danes: Ugliest crier on TV (Homeland rocks though)


  1. Awww! Hang in there, girl! I'm an ugly crier too and cry way too much. I cry at everything. I even cry when I'm happy... pathetic! We lost power in our home for 10 days with Hurricane Sandy, and when my DH called me to tell me the power was back... I cried... in front of about 15 high school students. HAHA!

  2. Good for you for letting your emotions out through tears! As annoying as it may be, I am sure it feels good to cry (well at least once in a while).

  3. During my first cycle where I started to have symptoms of estrogen dominance, this was happening to me too. DH and I were rewatching Lost and the episode where the Oceanic Six finally got off the island and landed back in the States? Cried. The X-Factor Thanksgiving episode where they helped those underpriveleged kids? Cried. At dinner with my parents, when my dad mentioned that his job was posted recently because he was retiring soon? Sobbed uncontrollably at the table.

    It's annoying and embarrassing but hang in there, it will pass! Good luck with this cycle.