Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can We All Agree?: Gaga Edition

So according to Rolling Stone, Elton John and his husband have named Lady Gaga as their baby son's godmother. She is already godmother to their older son.  Elton reportedly said that Lady Gaga is "a great role model".  Uhhh, really?

Can we all agree that Lady Gaga just might be the strangest possible choice as godmother for your child? 

Listen, Elton; just because someone shares your affinity for crazy ass outfits does not mean s/he is the best choice to be the spiritual role model for your children and raise them in the event of your death. 

Let's check out some reasons why not:

Even Eminem is scared of her.
I'm afraid she might poke the kids eyes out.

Mmm, not so religious.

Might be the love child of Freddy Kruger & the Phantom of the Opera

Hey, maybe this is why the kids like her:

She's a human-sized action figurine!

Built-in toys!

Maybe the kids love the Sesame St martians as much as I did...

Kids love bubbles!

Yip yip yip yip uh huh uh huh


  1. I think I just spit on my computer screen laughing at this-- still not nearly as gross as my cat sneezing allergies all over my Kindle the other morning. But yeah, Gaga? Nowhere in the world will you find a more wholesome woman to be a godmother to your children... it is Elton John after all, that's right up his alley.

  2. WOW, I can't believe these pictures are real!! she has some CRAZY outfits, geez!

  3. Haha, glad to entertain you ladies