Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CD57: Just waitin' to bleed

I finished the Provera Rx yesterday so now I'm just waiting to bleed so I can start the Clomid on CD5!

This time I took the 10mg pills for 5 days instead of the 5mg pills for 10 days.  I always take it before bed so that I can sleep through the side effects but that didn't really work this time since the hot flashes and subsequent sweating woke me up multiple times a night for the past 4 nights.  It felt like I was laying in a bed of fire.  I'm sure my hubby loved all the exasperated huffing and cover-throwing coming from me the last few nights. Still better than feeling like that while at work though! And I do like that the Rx only took half the time.  

Now I'm just keeping my FX that I get a period since the beginning of this cycle started with 18 days of bleeding. Technically, that ended a full month ago now though so hopefully my lining has built back up in that time.  We'll see!


  1. I hope you get the "red she devil" as i call it, soon! It is nice you don't have to take the pills for 10 days (waiting longer is annoying since we always seem to be playing the waiting game with IF) sorry you are having crazy hot flashes!

  2. Ugh hot flashes are awful sorry you have to deal with that. Keeping my Fx for you that you get your period. Haha when you type it out it sounds a little weird.