Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eviction date is set!

C-section scheduled for next Friday, April 10th at 7:30am (if I don't go into labor before that!)

During yesterday's appointment we discussed pros and cons of a c-section vs. vaginal birth and of delivering at the hospital we had been intending on vs. a different one in Boston that has a high level NICU.  In the end, we decided that since we cannot know Jack's exact diagnosis until after he is born, it is safer for him if we go with a c-section. Although the doctors think he should have few (if any) major complications upon birth, there are some forms of dwarfism that cannot officially be ruled out yet that could make a vaginal birth too rough for him physically (could result in problems with his spine, broken bones, etc.).  However, if I go into labor on my own before next Friday, my cervix progresses as it should and baby's head becomes fully engaged in my pelvis (this is pretty unlikely due to the size of his head), we will make the call then on whether we'll try for vaginal or just go for the CS. We are leaning towards CS either way though.  (Thank you Lynn for sharing your experiences with me to help set my mind at ease a bit!)

We also made the decision to stick with our original hospital. I feel our MFM team did their due diligence regarding consulting with other doctors more experienced in dwarfism (including the head neonatologist for this hospital who actually used to work at the other hospital in Boston that we had been considering), and the consensus is that based on the current information there should be no need for a high level NICU.  Our hospital has a level II which means they are equipped to deal with almost all major issues since the baby is full term, AND, much of the care can be done right in our suite with us as opposed to a separate NICU area. The only thing they would not be able to accommodate is long-term care beyond the 3-day stay so if that is needed we would need to be transferred. That is okay with me.

I feel better now that decisions have been made. And honestly, I'm glad that I'll be delivering at our intended hospital. I really like there, I know what to expect, I've met so many of the staff already and they are all AWESOME... I just feel better with this plan.

The head neonatalogist has fixed his schedule so that he will actually be there next Friday for Jack's birth (along with approximately 1 million other drs).  They've already warned me that we should expect a "crowd" since this is rather uncommon, but I don't care at this point. I'm glad they are focusing on us and our situation and I have no doubt they will be giving us the best care they can.  

Now we'll just see if I can make it to next Friday!  My OB keeps thinking I'm going to go into labor sooner than that (likely that my water may break due to all the pressure before I even have contractions), as I was measuring at just about 43 weeks as of yesterday. This is getting ridiculous - I look like a cartoon character.  And I feel like every time I stand up the baby is just going to fall out of me.  I also lost my mucous plug over the weekend (TMI?) so that indicates that my cervix is doing something. It doesn't necessarily mean labor is imminent but it does give me one more reason to believe I might not make it another week and a half.  Good news is that Jack keeps passing all his NST and BPP tests!!

Oh! And lastly, this Friday we are meeting with a pediatrician through the same clinic/system where I have been receiving all my prenatal care. He was referred to me by another mom of a child with Achondroplasia who lives in the area and she had only glowing things to say about him. My OB contacted him about my situation and he said he would love to take Jack on as a patient and wanted to meet with us even before the birth!  So Hubs and I will be meeting with him in a couple days. I'm thrilled there is someone right in our same network with experience with Achon!  Jack will need to see all kinds of specialists of course (likely at Boston Children's Hospital), but this pedi would be for well-child visits, shots, and routine stuff, and since this doc already has at least one patient with Achon he will know what kinds of things to look for that need to be elevated, and will understand the differences in expected milestones and growth with Jack vs. an average-height child. I am really relieved about that :-)

Ok, back to baby-watch!


  1. You must be so excited! And scared and worried and happy and sad....but excited too! I'm glad you were able to make these decisions in advance - I always find feeling somewhat in control really helps me relax a bit more. So exciting that it's not very far away that you get to meet this long awaited little rainbow!

    1. Yes yes yes! All of those things!! But overall, excited. I really cannot wait to meet him.

  2. Yikes - next Friday!! That is so soon! I'm sure it is comforting to at least have an end date/plan. I think the worst part for me now is just waiting, having no idea when this is all gonna go down. I will definitely be checking in to see if you go early! (43 weeks! You poor woman.)

  3. It sounds like you have all of your ducks in a row! That is great that you can still deliver at the hospital you were intending, and great that all those doctors will be on hand to check things out.

    So happy that Jack is passing his tests with flying colors. I lol'd a little at the "baby might fall out of you" comment. Sounds like your body is definitely gearing up for labor! Good luck with everything if you go into labor on your own...i keep have expecting to see a "i am in labor" post from you :)

  4. How awesome to have a pediatrician that already sees a child with Achon!

    Can't wait to "meet" Jack - praying for a healthy delivery (whenever it may be!)

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you! I am sure you must be nervous but it sounds like you have a great plan in place and I am sure things will go well. I'm so happy to hear that you've not only found a pediatrician for Jack but that you and YH will get to meet with him so soon! All exciting and fabulous news! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Jack stays in til next Friday and as always I will be thinking of you all and praying that everything goes perfectly! xoxoxox

  6. I'm so so happy my 'tales from a c section mom' could help a little. Its such an unknown and sometimes the 'known' is pretty terrible sounding stuff. Not so, says I! :) it sounds like you have a fantastic team in place to ensure this baby is getting the best care he possibly can. I can't even wrap my head around measuring 43 weeks...(is that even a thing?! Lol) but I hope you are taking care of yourself and resting as.much as possible. Seems all the players are in place and now you just need Jack. :) keep us updated!

  7. Catching up with blog posts!!! Cannot wait to meet Jack... prayers for a healthy, safe, and happy arrival!!! Officially stalking your blog now for updates (well, I was before, but now more so than ever).