Friday, March 13, 2015

35 / 35!

That's 35 weeks down, and just 35 days to go!!  I can't believe I'm here. ME.

I'm huge. I keep bumping into things now and it HURTS. I have a billion BH contractions a day.  I waddle now. I can barely turn over in bed. I can't do anything without pelvic pain. The countdown is on.  I want this baby to cook for as long as he needs to so that he's strong and healthy but I am hoping that magic time is only about 3 weeks away and not the full 40 weeks (or, gasp, MORE than 40 weeks!). I'm feeling ready.  As of today I have now been pregnant for 55 weeks without having a baby in my arms. Yeah... I'm ready.

Hubs and I have some smaller things still left to do: Putting together the swing and the rock n' play and the stroller...  This weekend we're going to install the infant car seat so we know what we're doing, I'm going to pack the hospital bag, and we're going to purchase some of the remaining items off our registry.
But all the big stuff is done.  Our house is officially ready for a baby. I even received my new, free Medela PISA breast pump in the mail the other day (thank you insurance)!

Bump pic:
I'm officially huge. Not "cute-huge", just huge.

Weight gain: 17.5 lbs

Symptoms: Pelvic pain is a way of life these days. Still puking some mornings due to MS. Heartburn, but it's manageable. Lots of swelling in hands and feet. I actually have a hard time gripping anything first thing in the morning because my fingers are so swollen I can't fully close my hands.  Just heaviness in general. Baby has dropped a bit so I'm able to breathe better but that means there's more pressure on my pelvis/colon/bladder/etc.  It could be worse though!

Cravings: Nothing.  The power of suggestion is pretty big for me but nothing really excites me these days and nothing really tastes all that good even when I eat whatever it is I wanted. That's okay though. My stomach is so squished that I can't eat much anyway so I mostly graze throughout the day.

Rings: HA!  I doubt my husband's wedding band would even fit on my finger at this point.

Belly button: Dangerously shallow! Now when I'm sitting the sides pop out a bit but it hasn't fully popped yet. I (normally) have a deep one too so I really didn't think I'd ever have an outie! We'll see!

Maternity clothes: I have grown out of many of the maternity clothes I was wearing throughout the pregnancy. Technically most of them still fit but they are tight and not soft enough so they don't have enough give and I'm uncomfortable in them. So I am now cycling through the same 3 maternity shirts plus tees stolen from Hubs (and of course my yoga/PJ pants). It's a good thing I'm working from home now. With only a handful of weeks to go I absolutely refuse to buy more stuff. Instead I'm now buying things like nursing tanks and bras (oh yeah, I also have zero normal bras that fit me right now) and am just dealing with looking like a scrub all the time.

Mood: Mostly good. I'm excited but also annoyed with waiting (and with being so uncomfortable during this wait).  And I haven't mentioned this on here yet but, as you know, it is March and March is the month we had to say goodbye to Petey.  Sometimes that's really hard for me.  I can't believe it's been a year. I still struggle with the guilt from being so excited for this little baby when Petey should have received all the excitement. I am dreading the 27th. Not only is it Petey's angelversary but also the day I will be officially full term (37 weeks) and I'm so afraid I'll go into labor on that day. It's really unlikely to happen but if it does I honestly don't know how I would handle that.

Best moment of the week: As of last Sunday the nursery is almost completely finished.  We have just a couple small things left to do this weekend but it's just about done. I love going in there and sitting in my recliner and daydreaming.  Over the past week I washed all the clothes and organized them and put them away, I have burp cloths and my boppy ready to go in the nursing area, I have diapers and wipes ready to go in the changing area... I have been busy.  But everything is ready now, just waiting for my little baby.

Bonus: Best moment of the week #2:  When Hubs decided on his own that we should get ready for bed a little early each night now so that he can rub my aching back and my legs so I don't get cramps in the middle of the night. He has seriously been awesome. I love him.  :-D


  1. You're getting so close! How exciting! I'm glad to hear you are doing well, you look fantastic! I hope you get a break from the BH soon, that can't be fun. But, good on Hubs for giving you rub downs so you don't get cramps in the middle of the night :)

  2. Hugs and love coming your way! They say the ability to hold contradictory feelings at the same time is a mark of intelligence. I think you'll handle these upcoming days intelligently.

  3. Almost at the finish line... so happy things are going well right now. Have fun finishing your registry shopping and finishing the nursery... hugs.

  4. Hugs hugs hugs. I can't imagine how hard this month is for you. <3

    Your bump is so gorgeous I could cry. You are just SO beautiful! And what a sweet hubs you have, giving you a massage. Hopefully these remaining weeks are as comfortable as they can be. Always thinking of you!!! <3

  5. You still look cute huge! Sorry you are in so much pain now! Hopefully things seem to go by quickly from here on out and you don't have to wait too much longer!

  6. Glad to know everything is going well. Hugs to you <3<3<3

  7. Ahhhh, I randomly found my way back here and holy crap this makes me smile!

    1. Hello my dear!! I'm so glad you found your way back :-) You pop into my mind every so often and I always hope you all are doing well.

  8. Yay, you are getting so close now! 😃 so excited for you!! I still remember vividly how hard those last few weeks are...hang in there mama!

  9. I relate to everything here. I'm not sure my bump has grown significantly in the last few weeks or what, but I am running into everything! Last night was the door of my closet. And I'm growing out of my maternity clothes. I have a couple dresses that I can still wear, but all my shirts are getting too short and my pants aren't very comfortable. 5 more weeks - we can do this!

  10. I want to jump up and down with excitement... so close! And your husband sounds amazing - it is so hard to get through pregnancy without great support, and it sounds like he is wonderful! Thinking of you as Petey's angelversary approaches. Let me know if you need anything.

  11. AHHH you're so close! I can't fucking wait! I lived in yoga pants, PJs and my husband's tees during the last few weeks too :)

    You and Petey will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks <3