Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Check-in Post: 38 Weeks! (plus nursery pics)

38 weeks down, 1 to go! 
PS: I really can do math but c-section is scheduled for next Friday at 39 weeks (if I make it that far)!

I can't believe I'm finally here, just awaiting the birth of my child anytime now. This has been a looong time coming. Not counting the few months after we lost Petey, I have been pregnant since November of 2013. Holy shit. I am ready to hold my little rainbow.

Here's the (likely) final bump pic: 

I cannot believe I am this large.  I don't think the bump pics even do it justice. I went to a baby store earlier in the week and as I approached the register the girl working there said "Oooo! It looks like someone's having twiiiins!!!"  Sigh. I couldn't even get mad at her though - I'd probably think the same thing. (I just wouldn't be dumb enough to say it.)

In the end I only gained 20 lbs in all (though it looks like 40) so I'll be interested to see Jack's birth weight since as of our last appt they are thinking that although his head is big the rest of him will equal out the weight and he might be more like 8lbs at birth.  I'm huge though because there is just so much extra amnio fluid in there! When my water finally breaks I better hold onto something so I don't get swept away in the flood.

Symptoms: PAIN. Just pain. Everything hurts. I am thrilled there is only 1 more week TOPS to go and I am happy that with every passing hour I get closer to having this baby.  38 weeks was our goal and we made it so Jack can come out aaaaany time now :-)

Other stuff: 
-Today is my last day of work until after 4th of July!  I've been "working" exclusively from home for the last few weeks but today is my official last day. It will be nice to not have that weighing on me anymore and I can just focus exclusively on whatever else we have to do before Jack arrives and take all the naps and epsom salt baths I want during the days without feeling guilty, haha.
-This afternoon we met with our new pediatrician who has experience with Achondroplasia and we looooooved him!  I feel like we will be in very good hands and I am so thrilled I made the connection with another Achon mom to get this recommendation.
-Lastly, I haven't attention-whored the nursery on here yet!  Here are some pics:

Everything's ready to go! Now we just need our little guy :-)

So barring any other crazy shit happening [and who knows with the way things go with me ;-) ], my next post should be announcing Jack's arrival!  Dear Lord please let it be a safe delivery of a healthy baby.  Please.


  1. Oh my goodness Chickie, that is the cutest nursery I have ever seen! You should have been attention whoring it much more! I love all the patterns and the fact that you pulled off that tree decal/shelf thing!

    I can't believe you will be holding Jack in your arms so soon! Thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly for you and him!

  2. I'm so excited for you to get to hold your little Jack so soon!!!! Thomas is anxiously awaiting his new friend :) Sending all sorts of thoughts and prayers your way for a safe and quick delivery!!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Kate, I hope you and Thomas are doing well! I've been stalking you in all the places for an update :-)

  4. All I want to do is touch your belly. Thats so creepy and I'm not even sorry.

    I'm very ready to stalk you next week.

    1. I would totally let you, A. <3 :-)

  5. I LOVE Jack's room! Great job, momma! It looks absolutely perfect :) I'm sending prayers for a smooth delivery and a healthy Jack. I'll be stalking you like crazy!

  6. The nursery is adorable and I can't wait to see your post announcing Jack is here. Best wishes!

  7. Keeping you in my thoughts as you quickly move toward meeting Jack and getting to see/hold him!!!

  8. Love the nursery! I can't wait to meet Jack!

  9. I can't believe he's almost here!!! I'm so excited for you!! You guys are such terrific parents and I can't wait until you get to hold that sweet boy in your arms. Hoping that everything goes smoothly for both you and Jack!

    Also I love your nursery. I feel like I tend to gravitate towards the elephants and giraffes :)

  10. Ahh, so excited for you!! That nursery looks seriously amazing, you guys did an awesome job! ;) I'm always stalking your posts, & I was so glad to see in your last one that you got answers about the delivery & were able to plan the c-section & also be able to give birth at the hospital you wanted! I hope everything goes smoothly for you & baby! So happy for you to finally have your rainbow! :)

  11. I need to catch up on your blog big time! Good luck with your c-section, and your nursery is very cute. BTW, we have that exact same dresser in our bedroom... haha :) It's nice and solid, I like how you are also using it as a changing table (better use of space, too!).

  12. I love your nursery - it looks so good! I'm so excited for you to have your baby in your arms - and be out of pain! Good luck this week!

  13. Can't wait to hear Jack has arrived! Thinking of you all!

  14. Can't wait to see your perfect rainbow! Will be praying for you all!

  15. The nursery turned out beautifully! Best of luck to you this week, I hope you have a smooth, safe delivery.

  16. Wait, is tomorrow the day? How are you doing???