Thursday, July 7, 2016

San Francisco bound!

Well, it's happening. This east coast gal is going to become a west coast gal in the next couple months.  Does this mean I need to retire the "ChickinNH" name? "ChickinSF" just doesn't look right...

Hubs and I officially decided he should take this promotion (it's a BIG step in his career) and so to San Francisco we go!  I'm choosing to look at it as a new adventure and maybe (hopefully) as a fresh new start.  It's no secret I've fought depression for the last few years and it was certainly a battle after Jack was born with the PPD/PPA but things are pretty decent overall these days.  I'm still on Lexapro and occasionally still see my therapist but things feel under control now.  What is NOT under control is my weight. I'm 10 lbs heavier than I was when I got PG with Jack and I've decided it's time to do something about it. I'm hopeful that this move will help me with weight loss.  I've developed bad habits that I need to break and this big life change can help me start fresh with good habits. The sun, the water, the hiking, the proximity to fresh produce and walking trails... all of it should be good for me.  And what's also good is that this will likely only be a 2 year move (tops).  The new initiative my hubby is undertaking should be completed within 2 years so if we want to move back to the Boston area then, we can. And I assume we will since we both grew up here and all our family and many friends are here. Another good thing is that we will still be able to keep a residence here in NH during that time as well since we will be back and forth quite a bit, mainly for Jack's dr. appts.  It's taken a full year to find the right specialists for him so I do not plan to move all his care to CA just to (likely) move it back to Boston again. Barring any issues arising during the next couple years, we should only need check ups once per year with most of his doctors so I will try to lump those visits together when I can and just come back east here and there over the next couple years.

Speaking of Jack medical news; he is doing great.  He FINALLY had his MRI and overall it was good news.  No compression at the base of his spine, so no surgery needed at this time. Also, no hydrocephalus found in his brain. Huge relief! They did find a potential issue with swelling of the sheaths surrounding his optic nerves though so we were referred to an Ophthalmologist for some testing.  Luckily they didn't find evidence of damage to the optic nerves themselves (that would cause irreparable blindness) but they weren't sure if this was an issue that was getting worse or if he was born with the swelling due to intracranial pressure and it's actually getting better. So we went back to the specialist a month later for repeat testing and found there as been no change.  Overall, good news. We'll need to go back again in 3 months, and Jack's Neurosurgeon also ordered a repeat MRI for 2 months from now to ensure everything is still okay as they did find ventriculomegaly (enlarged ventricles of the brain, common with Achon), and though his nerves aren't currently being compressed, one of the vertebrae in his neck juts out at a funny angle so they need to keep an eye on it. Hopefully everything will be fine.

He's doing awesome though. Within the last month he started sitting on his own and pulling to stand and we are just so proud of him. He is so happy and smiley and I am just totally in love. His new challenge as of today is trying to climb up the stairs. Uh oh.

Here are some pics of him doing his favorite things:

Pool time
Playing with balloons

Being naked (probably his most favorite thing).

He has such a personality and is totally a toddler now (complete with attitude).  He'll be 15 months in a couple days and I'll post the update when I have it.

We also were lucky enough to go to the Annual LPA (Little People of America) Convention this past weekend as it just happened to be here in Boston this year!  It was a really wonderful and unique experience to be able to see so many little people of all sizes, shapes, and abilities, and to truly understand that we are part of something so much bigger than just our little world. Pun intended :-P
We plan to go again in future years but likely not until Jack is old enough to start to get something out of it.  Many little people meet their best friends and future spouses through LPA so we definitely want it to be a part of our and Jack's lives. Here's a pic! Final attendance was more than 2,200 from all across the US and Canada!

In case you are wondering, we did not make it into the picture due to a certain cranky baby who shall remain nameless.

So there's my update!  In a nutshell: Jack is doing good, Hubs and I are doing good, we're about to start planning/packing for our big move, and I'm going to start focusing again on losing weight. Don't be surprised if you start to see some diet/exercise check in posts again soon!


  1. Can't believe Jack is going to be 15 months already- crazy! Wishing you an easy transition to the west coast!

  2. I'm so glad to hear things are going well and all of his tests came out well. He is such a cutie!! Best of luck on the move :)

  3. Thank you so much for your comment--I'm sorry my post made you cry!

    Congrats on your hubby's promotion and your upcoming move, how exciting! And your son is the cutest thing EVER! Following your journey!

  4. Ohhhh goodness! I was wondering what was happening with the potential move! Congrats to husband on his promotion - and wishing you safe (and stress free travels) on your move to the West Coast! And Jack is just as cute as ever - glad his tests all came back well!

  5. How adorable!! He is such a cutie! I live in SF and happy to help you navigate the city and maybe meet for playmate. My miracle IVF son is 2 1/2. If you have any questions or need anything you can email Good luck with the move!

  6. Hi! Congrats on your big news. Your son looks like quite the sweetie! Add another infertility survivor who would be pleased to meet up in San Francisco and help with any questions you might have about neighborhoods, commute times, etc. We decided on Coastside so if you have any inclination along those lines happy to help. My daughter (9 1/2 -- was adopted transracially) LOVES babies and has amazing patience with all little ones and I know she would be thrilled to meet your son. Feel free to contact me at michelle.lewis2010 @

  7. Wow that is so great you guys have an opportunity to try a different part of the country! Hubs and I have always talked about doing this! I can't wait to hear about your adventure!

    I love how being naked is Jack's favorite thing! haha i get nervous when my kids don't have diapers on because I feel they will just start peeing everywhere!

  8. Omg, this is going to sound crazy, but I would love to meet up with you at one point when you guys move! When I read SF I was like omg! That's only like an hour away from me! Chickens unite? Haha.

    My gosh I loved all the pictures of your little man! I hope the move goes well!