Friday, January 2, 2015

25 weeks!

Starting off with the best moment of the week: Hubs felt baby boy move from the outside for the very first time yesterday on New Years Day! Happy new year to us :-) :-)

Now that it's January I feel like the countdown is on. In less than a week there will be just double digit days left until my due date. That makes me happy and excited and also slightly panicked because I have done NOTHING. The spare-room-soon-to-be-nursery is full of random shit that I need to sort through and find another place for; I really haven't done anything for the nursery itself yet and we haven't even been shopping for furniture yet (now I'm sort of regretting returning all the furniture we had bought for Petey although I may have been right in that seeing it in the house every day would have made the last 9 mos that much harder for me to bear...); I haven't looked into any kind of birthing/motherhood classes; and I only have about a quarter of the registry done even though I suspect I will be having a shower in February.  Oy. That stuff coupled with the fact that A) I am still feeling like crap most of the time and B) work is CRAZY BUSY and very stressful for me right now and will continue be until I go out on maternity leave (I'll spare you the details on that one), makes me a bit worried about how I'm going to get everything done over the next few months.

But besides that, things are... good.  I definitely feel like an expecting mom now.  I don't really know how to describe it.  Prior to reaching 6 months I knew I was pregnant, it was a big part of my daily life of course, I even looked pregnant, but recently something changed.  Now I FEEL pregnant. I feel big and heavy and... like a pregnant woman.  I realize that makes virtually no sense but something has shifted lately.  Now I'm not counting UP until we reach some milestone and excited for new things/symptoms/growth to come, instead I'm now counting DOWN until the baby comes and just managing the uncomfortable symptoms and focusing on preparing for his arrival.  

In a way that's kind of neat since I never reached this point with Petey and didn't know until now that I would feel these different feelings.  At the same time, it's stressing me out a bit.  And it's HARD.  It is HARD being pregnant!  It is wonderful and a miracle and I am grateful every day since it's something we worked so hard for over the years but it is also physically painful and so limiting. It's tough not being able to do what I used to be able to (like climb 2 flights of stairs haha) and I'm starting to need my husband's help with things now. I didn't realize until the other day when I unexpectedly burst into tears while he was talking about some of the traveling he needs to do for work over the next couple months that I am also actually SCARED!  I am scared about how much I need him -- about how much help I'm going to need as each week ticks on. And also how scared I am of something going wrong and having complications or going into preterm labor when he's on the other side of the country or the other side of the world.  Shit's gettin real I guess.  
That's a good thing though. 

So, 25 weeks today(!), which means I'll be in the 3rd trimester soon and my double digit day countdown to EDD will begin.

Next OB appt and my 1 hr glucose test will be this coming Tuesday!


  1. Yay for hubs feeling kicks! It is nice that he gets to be involved in that way now. Try not to stress too much about the getting ready for baby stuff - babies don't even really need a fully put together nursery when they are born!

    I am sorry you are still feeling like crap most of the time and that your work is so busy booo. I wish you were able to relax at this point!

    FX for glucose test next week!

  2. Reading that YH felt the baby move made me big cheesy grin! I can't imagine how exciting that must have been for him!

    I hope everything goes well at your appointment and am sending "No GD" thoughts your way!

  3. Yay for YH feeling kicks!! That must have been such a special moment.

    You have time to get things ready for the baby. As long as he has a safe place to sleep and travel in, food, diapers, some clothes, and amazing parents like you and YH to love him, he'll be in great shape, Everything else is extras,

    Good luck at your appointment!

  4. Oh my gosh, the kicks! I'll never forget H's face the first time he felt them. They are amazing and beautiful. The countdown is on indeed! I'm so happy for you! <3 Always thinking of you my love. Big hugs just because!

  5. How great that your hubby felt little baby move! My husband would be jealous. Baby C stops moving whenever he so much as LOOKS at my stomach - he jokes he will have to leave the delivery room just so she will come out. I know the nursery must seem like a huge task - and it is - but I know you will do a great job on it and I can't wait to see how it turns out! This little babe has a great mom!

  6. If it makes you feel better, we still have pretty much nothing in our nursery either. And I've realized it's probably too late to sign up for birthing/childcare classes since they fill up so fast here. Also, and I mean this in the nicest way makes ME feel a little better to hear you're still not feeling great (sorry!). While I'm feeling better than the horrible first trimester, this is definitely not the magical, energy-filled second trimester everyone promised. Maybe the third will be better...?