Friday, January 16, 2015

27 week check in!

Major things this week:

Heartburn: It is out of control.  I need to look into Pepcid or Zantac because EVERYTHING gives me heartburn these days - even plain water. I think I've been eating more Tums than food lately.

Weight gain: It's been fluctuating.  I've been relatively...puffy lately so I think I'm retaining water (edema). A couple days ago I was up 9 lbs total which isn't crazy for being 27w PG but it was a 3 lb weight gain in less than a week so it made me a little concerned. I made sure to drink lots of water and check my BP regularly and things seem to be fine I think. I also ordered protein urine test strips off of Amazon just in case. (Since rapid weight gain, edema, high BP and protein in the urine are all indicative of Pre-e.)
Tangent: Maybe I'm overly cautious but I got the test strips because my OB office NEVER feels the need to check my urine even though everything I have ever read says it should be part of every routine prenatal visit. I had it checked at my very first intake appt (~10weeks or so?) but it came back 'contaminated' so they couldn't use it. At the next appt I asked them if I needed to give a new sample and they said no. At the following appt I demanded to give them a sample and got an eye-roll from the nurse but that's how I found out I am positive for Group B Strep (kind of important to know). Ever since then, I have asked at every single appt if I should give a sample and they always say no because my BP has been fine. This is beginning to piss me off (no pun intended).  I asked all the girls in my PAIF group what they do and every single one of them gives a urine sample at every single appointment. Except me. Doesn't my OB care to know if there's protein in my urine? Or if I have a UTI with no symptoms? I am still undecided as to how much of a stink I should make about this...  In the meantime I'm testing my own damn urine.
Aaaaaanyway, my weight has gone down a bit and as of this morning I am +7 lbs total which seems more normal for me.

Here's the bump:

I am uncomfortable. I am finding that I groan a lot these days - especially when I'm trying to readjust my position on the couch or in bed. I can't help it. My hips and pelvis and back and abdomen are all just SORE.  And I can now feel the weight of my full heavy ute all the time so sometimes I find myself holding up my belly when I'm standing. Maybe it's time to look into a support belt.
I definitely think I look better than I feel. I'm getting annoyed with all these people at work looking at me and saying "Oh you must be feeling so good!". I don't. I feel like crap. Still happy to be pregnant, but no, I do not feel good.
The other day I was in an all-staff meeting and my boss asked me to give everyone an update on a project I'm leading. I started talking and just completely ran out of breath partway through the second sentence. I kept trying to talk which just led to gasping and squeaky noises.  I'm not sure if I imagined everyone looking around at each other in alarm or if it really happened, but I'm sure I must have sounded like a fish out of water (or like I was dying). Eventually I had to just stop mid-sentence and apologize for being "unable to breath while sitting" and then I hoisted myself up out of the chair and limped to the front of the room (since my right leg doesn't like to work for a minute once I stand up) in order to finish my piece, with what I am sure was a bright red face. (And even then I could barely get the rest of it out.)  I do not embarrass easily but that was really really embarrassing for me.  Ugh.

I fell this week. I slipped on black ice in the parking lot at work and now have some lovely bruises to show for it. Luckily I didn't fall directly on my belly - more like my knees and hip/side. I was mostly just banged up and shaken up and my ankle is still not normal, 4 days later.  I won't lie - I was freaked out for a little while and convinced myself that the baby was moving less than usual that night and the next day.  Everything is fine though and I now have a shiny new "medical parking permit" on my car so that I can park close to the building for the rest of my pregnancy instead of having to trek all the way across the parking lot in the snow/ice. Yay.

This weekend: 3-day weekend! I will be making a little bit of progress on the nursery and hopefully a LOT of progress on the registry :-)  We decided to register at both Babies R Us (since there's one close to pretty much everyone) and on Amazon.  I have a lot of research/work to do to feel ready for this but on Monday Hubs and I are going to bite the bullet and go to BRU to do the whole registry in-store.  After I get home I'll re-evaluate and then register for anything additional through Amazon.  I have had a LOT of people start asking where we're registered so I'm thinking there's a baby shower in my future...

One more week till 3rd trimester!! Hooray! And I read in my baby book last night that if something goes wrong this week and I have to deliver (God forbid) baby boy would have an 85% chance of survival!  I know I probably sound like a super negative person even thinking about that but it makes me feel better that I've gotten far enough along that even worst-case scenario is not so bad anymore! Yay :-)



  1. So many hugs for you, Chickin. As you well know, I can totally empathize. As I read this I just nodded in solidarity ;) I'm sorry about the heartburn, I got to a point the pickle juice and mustard crackers and all the drugs couldn't touch it, I feel for you. You were right though when you said you look better than you apparently feel cause you look fantastic, seriously. I know that only helps so much (or not at all) when dealing with the challenges you are though. I'm sending good vibes that you get a reprieve from some of the uncomfortable symptoms. Good luck with the nursery and registering!!! <3

  2. Hmm...I was going to use my long weekend to sleep in a do nothing, but I PROBABLY should be responsible like you and maybe start a registry or work on the nursery. I've also not had any urine sample taken since my first intake appointment at 10ish weeks, and even then it came back with crystals and bacteria present - but they haven't done anything since. I've wondered about it, but they didn't seem concerned. I'm just starting to get some bad heartburn - it's the worst! Good luck and yay for almost 3rd trimester!

  3. Hmm, I had to give a urine sample at every appointment too. That's cool that you found your own strips though, I didn't even know they made those! A little tip for you about the heartburn - I learned from some others that drinking room temp water rather than cold water helps a lot! I don't know what it is, but even though I love cold water it can be super triggering of heartburn. When I switched it helped a lot!

    1. Thanks Chicken, I will def try that!!

  4. I'm glad the fall wasn't too serious and you're ok!

    Do you have liquid Gaviscon in the US? That was the only thing that gave me any heartburn relief. I went through two of the big bottles of it in my last month.

    1. Thanks SP! I'm not sure but I'll def check.

  5. Yay almost 3rd tri!!! I am also surprised your OB doesn't test urine each time, I thought that was pretty standard.

    I am sorry you fell, poor thing! Glad all is well with the baby. Can't wait to see misery updates!

  6. Congrats on almost reaching the 3rd trimester! My OB checks my urine every visit as well - so that is three times a week. I'm really surprised that your OB doesnt... I don't blame you for getting test strips or wanting to make a stink out of it. I know I've made bigger deals out of smaller things. I'm sorry you fell, but glad that baby is okay. Also, one of my friends told me that when she was pregnant, the only thing that helped her with heartburn was apples - something in applies helps counteract the affect, apparently. I haven't tried it, but thought I would throw it out there! And you look great!

  7. First of all, you look beautiful! I always think you look glowing in your bump pics! I am sorry you are struggling with heart burn and other symptoms. Hang in there! You are getting so close! As always, I am sending lots of love your way! <3