Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jack: 9 Months

I fall more in love with this kid every single day.  He is amazing. He's fun and happy and just loves life.

This is him with haircut #3 (already)!  I think he may start army crawling any day now. It's so fun to watch him grow and learn and experience new things.

And I am hangin' in there.

Jack had his ear tube surgery last week and did well. It took him a bit to wake up from the anesthesia and there was a lot of crying but thankfully, everything went smoothly :-)


  1. Good to hear from you! I know I kinda fell off the face of the earth for awhile, but I'm loving your updates. I can't believe he's had 3 haircuts! My Jack is just starting to get some hair. We call the little fluff on top of his head his "tuft" cuz that's all he has. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Thinking of you, mama!

  2. He is so adorable, I can't believe all that hair! So happy to hear his surgery went well and that you're hanging in there. You're such an amazing mom and strong woman!

  3. So happy the tube surgery went well. He is just the cutest, sweetest thing!