Friday, July 10, 2015

Jack: 3 Months

Hello poor neglected blog. Somehow I have a 3 month old! And he is AMAZING. I seriously love him more and more every day (which sounds kinda bad in my mind like I didn't love him all that much beforehand or something but whatever). I am delirious with love for this little guy. Well, with that and lack of sleep :-)

Big updates:
I quit my job. I went in for the last time to clean up and say goodbye this past Monday. It was so bittersweet. I was sad and while walking away I wasn't sure if I made the right decision or not. Then I got home and the second Jack saw me he gave me the biggest gummy smile I've ever seen and that answered my question right there. How can I NOT be home with this guy if I have the option to be?
Jack's health: He went through a phase a few weeks ago where he was screaming in pain almost every time he ate and my awesome eater went from having 4oz every 3 hrs like clockwork to barely eating 1oz before I gave up and just rocked him to sleep as the only way to soothe him and stop his crying. It was really sad and mealtimes were horrendous. Took him to doc and they suspected acid reflux. Changed formula to Similac No Spit-Up (even though he doesn't spit up) as it contains rice starch and that seemed to do the trick! He's now a total piglet.
We also stuck a wedge (aka folded-up blanket) under the head of his bassinet mattress and now he seems to be sleeping a bit better too. This has helped keep the acid down and has also helped with his snoring/gasping/waking himself up in the night. We're pretty sure he had sleep apnea. Very common with Achon. We have an appt to see Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT) doc to assess this and do a sleep study.
Also, Jack had his follow up appt with the Audiologist (since he failed both hearing tests in the hospital) and they confirmed that he does have hearing loss. Mild loss in one ear and just slight in the other. Again, common with Achon. For now we'll just continue to monitor it and hope it doesn't get worse. He will likely need ear tubes at some point around or even before his first birthday anyway so that might possibly help but we'll see if he needs a hearing aid down the line.
Finally, Jack has torticollus in his neck (prefers to always lay with his head to the same side and this is also causing a flat spot) so we contacted Early Intervention and will be starting physical therapy next week!
Things are moving along with him. Monitoring the issues we expected to come up and thankfully haven't had any unexpected things happen yet. Besides the ENT doc he also has upcoming appointments with the Geneticist and Nephrologist (kidney doc) and then his 4mo appt next month!

I've been in touch with my RE about next steps for me and Hubs regarding someday expanding our family since I suspect we will need to think long and hard about what we want to do. He did indeed suggest genetic testing for both of us and also PGD for our 3 frosties as "we can't be sure if they are genetically viable or not due to [my] pregnancy history". Ouch. I am very emotional about this. I've always thought of those 3 frosties as the completion of our family, just waiting for us. Now I have no idea what will happen. PGD could destroy them if we thaw and then refreeze any "viable" ones. We could go through all the steps (and meds) of a FET and then do PGD just before transfer to ensure we are transferring a healthy embie and then what if testing reveals we don't have a healthy one and they all have genetic issues? Would we make the decision to ::gulp:: destroy them? What if we transfer anyway and what happened to Petey happens to another little baby? I'm not sure my heart could take it. I'm not positive my heart can take ANY of this... It's a shitty shitty place to be.

But besides that emotional land mine I am doing well. My PP bleeding is still unpredictable even after being on BCPs for the last 2 months so that's fun. OB said we'll give it one more month and if I'm still bleeding we'll try a new med. Bleeding for the majority of the last 13 weeks sure has been fun though lemme tell ya! Things are good though. We're busy because it's summer and there's lots of family and friends around. Not much time to think but I am happy.

Here are some more pics of my beautiful baby. He's smiley, he can reach for his toys, he's learning to wave... He's just amazing. 3 months is shaping up to be a very fun age since he is finding ways to communicate and connect. Every new thing he does is just amazing to me. Every day I am grateful and can't believe he's ours. We MADE him. That is incredible.
Someone loves his daddy!
This one was almost the monthly update photo...

...or this one. "Who the heck is this guy?"
My little nugget back when he was 7 weeks old

And now at 13 weeks - such a big boy <3


  1. He is adorable!

  2. Yay for the update! I have been waiting patiently :) Or we can just pretend that I have been. Jack is completely adorable! I am glad his acid reflux seems to be under control and I hope the other issues you mention will be ok.

    Gosh that is a really tough position to be in regarding your frosties. I hope whatever path you choose turns out well. And I pray that darn bleeding stops soon! Yikes!

  3. His is just adorable!! Such a tough position to be in with the frosties. I pray that everything turns out perfectly with them :)

  4. Just when you think Jack can't get any cuter....BAM, proves ya wrong :)

  5. Praying that his hearing loss doesn't get any worse! Jordan had torticollis too and its a pain in the butt but in the grand scheme of things, not so bad! Hope Jack grows out of his soon. I feel the same way about our little frozen embryos... I cannot bear to lose any of them, especially thinking Jordan used to be one of them. I know that you will make the right choice for your family. Sending love! Also - duh - SO CUTE. I just want to give him the biggest (soft) squeeze!

  6. What a sweetheart Jack is! I've been thinking about you, so glad to see this update. This age felt like a turning point for me, their little personalities start to develop and it's so fun to see where it goes from here.

    I'm sorry you are still dealing with pp complications and the decisions you have to make about the frozen embryos. That is such a tough place to be.

  7. That's a lot to take in and think about your frosties ((HUGS))

    Jack is so adorable! I just want to hug him and squeeze those cute cheeks!

  8. Thinking of you as you have to face these difficult decisions and conversations about your embryos. I am freaking out along side you. Jack is so adorable, and I'm glad you are able to be home with him. I hope that his health issues are manageable and nonintrusive. Love you both, and continuing to send kisses up to heaven for Petey.

  9. I had a comment typed up and then it disappeared! Wah! Anyway, basically it said Jack is a cutie patootie, and that I hope you and hubby are able to come to a decision that feels right and true for the two of you and your family regarding the frosties. I have never been through IVF and feel unqualified to offer an opinion but I can imagine how conflicted you feel.

  10. Umm...are we just living the same life? We are also in PT for Jack's torticollis and plagiocephaly. We're working hard to avoid the helmet, but we'll find out at his 4 month appt in August. I'm glad you are able to stay home - it definitely makes going to all these appointments easier (we've also had to see an audiologist and ENT a few times.) Keep it up, mama. You're doing amazing!

  11. I love seeing your updates! And gosh, Jack is such a cutie! Like spacepotatoes, I also felt like 12 weeks was a real turning point in the development. More interaction, better eating &'s so exciting to get to these new stages! :) I'm sorry with everything you're having to decide about your frosties, that must be so tough! So glad to see that you & Jack are happy though, it really makes my heart smile. :)