Saturday, May 16, 2015

Baby picture post

Need to attention-whore my adorable child some more now that he's almost 6 weeks old!

Wide eyed at 3 weeks

Put the milk in my mouth mama! (4 weeks)

4 weeks

5 weeks

You can really see the dwarfism with his adorable little legs! (5 weeks)

It's so fun that he's starting to be more attentive to things now and able to focus! Can't wait for interaction :-)


  1. I have had the hardest time posting on your page I hope this makes it....congrats amazing family! Your son is absolutely adorable , all that hair. How do you manage to accomplish anything I think I'd have to sit and kiss his face all day! Jack couldn't have been given better parents to love and care for him..I hope you get this and I hope to continue to follow

  2. Gah! Those cheeks! I wouldn't be able to stop kissing them either! And how is he 6 weeks already?! Time needs to slllllllow down.

  3. Oh how precious he is!! What a cutie pie :)

  4. Oh my gosh is so freaking adorable! I want to nom nom those little hands!

  5. Ok...
    A) how the heck have you had the time/free hands to blog this much!? I am just catching up on all your posts and I agree with every word. C-section recover sucks. Baby blues/hormones = the worst. Being a mom is both amazing and terrible. Breastfeeding has not gone as planned. Pumping makes me feel like a cow. Just know you are not alone. I am doing all of this in pretty much exactly the same stage as you. We can do this! Hang in there.
    B) Your Jack is so freaking cute. Although I think he stole all of my Jack's hair - my kid is bald, and yours has the flowing locks of a rockstar!

  6. Ahh Jack is so cute! And what a little attitude already!

  7. Ahh Jack is so cute! And what a little attitude already!

  8. Oh my gosh he's so cute! Look at all that dark hair! His little legs are adorable!

  9. How handsome is your little guy?! I love all the hair and that hint of a smile in the last picture.